REVISED 3/2008

Report Cards/Transcripts

Please note the difference between transcripts and report cards. A report card is the Education Specialist's report of grades. A transcript is an official document embossed with the school stamp which is issued by the Charter School office. The transcript shows high school courses, grades, and credits and is accepted as an official record by other high schools and by colleges.

Report Cards for K-8 Students This Charter School does not require report cards for K-8 students, although a parent can elect to request a report card for their student. The K-8 report card can be done either at the end of each semester or at the end of the year. This option is discussed when the Student Agreement is signed by the parent. For those K-8 students whose parents have requested a report card, ESs are also responsible for creating an electronic report card. The ES can select either ES or Parent for "Grades Assigned By". If the ES has been involved in assigning the student's grades then select, "ES". If the parent has assigned the student's grades without ES input or confirmation then select, "Parent". (See screen shots) If a K-8 student is doing high school work, the ES can assign high school credits by creating an electronic report card.

Report Cards for High School Students ESs are responsible for creating electronic report cards for all 9-12 students by submitting electronic report cards. Grades for high school students will only be accepted if they are created electronically and are due within 10 school days after the end of each semester. The report card information is used by the Student Records to compile a Charter School transcript. If you cannot find the correct course name when creating the report card, contact your ES Advisor.

HQT Entry on Report Cards:
For each course, please select the appropriate ESEA/NCLB Teacher of Record option.  If the ESEA option is either 3.1 (HQT CP Course) or 3.2 (HQT Portfolio Reviews) you will need to also select a course teacher that is certified in the subject matter.  To do this, click in the space below the Course Teacher header and you will see a drop-down list which will include only those personnel from CWCS who are certified in the subject matter of the particular course you are working on.  For more information please see this link:

Copies of Report Cards You will need to make two copies of the report card:

one copy for the family
one copy for your records
Transcripts for K- 8 Students The Charter School does not provide transcripts for kindergarten through eighth grade students.

Transcripts for High School Students Any High School Report Card in excess of 40 credits per semester will be placed on hold pending ES Advisor approval. When approval is given, the information will be transposed to the Transcript format. When completing an electronic Report Card, please complete all information asked for. Credits should be submitted as a 2 digit number. (example 0.0 or 5.0).

Correcting An Error on a Charter School Transcript

All ESs should routinely check their High School students’ transcripts each semester for accuracy. Occasionally, an ES may recognize an error and need to make a correction to the transcript. If a change needs to be made in one growth area, DO NOT resubmit a new report card for all courses. Review the existing report card for the semester in question by opening the report card screen and looking in the bottom right corner. The existing transcript/courses for the semester in question will be shown for the student. Resubmitting a new report card does not erase the previously posted courses or grades. In other words, the second report card does not “write over” the first - it adds to it. Submitting a second report card for all courses will create a report for the advisor of excess units for the student and create additional paperwork for the ES to correct the error.

If a course needs to be added to the transcript: The ES should add the course to the bottom of the existing report card for the correct semester/year. When you have finished adding all additional courses and are satisfied with your work, mark the course as “Ready” and click “Send”. Student records will then process the report card again, sending only the classeswhich have not been previously sent to the transcript. It may take a day or two for this to be processed and show up on the transcript. Important: do not create a second report card for the same student for the same year and semester.

To edit an existing transcript item (from the current school year): FRED will allow an ES to make changes to an existing transcript item from the current school year. To do this, go to view “high school report card”; click on “view/edit”; click on the red “Unsend” button on the far right of the report card (you may need to “maximize” your screen. Make any necessary changes and then click on the “ready” and “SEND” boxes. Helpful information is at this link:
To delete an existing transcript item: FRED will allow an ES to delete a course from a report card AND have it deleted from the transcript.
1) if it is for the current school year and
2) If it is a course assigned by that ES
To do this, go to view “high school report card”; click on “view/edit”; click on the button that says “go to report card lines”. Click on the red “x” by the title of the course you would like to delete. If the course can be deleted (meeting above requirements), it will
For transcript items that are not from the current school year or not assigned by the current ES, go to the same layout, and click on the red "x" by the title of the course you would like to delete. This will generate an automatic email that will be sent to your advisor asking for their assistance in removing the course. Specific information about the course/semester/year will be included in the email.

If there is an error on the transcript for a continuing charter school student created by their previous ES, and the previous ES is currently employed/available, contact the ES for information and possible changes to the transcript. If the previous ES is no longer employed by the school, contact your Advisor for assistance.

Any errors on transcripts from previous schools must be corrected by the parent and student at that school. A new official transcript should then be requested by the parent/student and mailed to the Placerville office. IEM cannot make changes to a student’s transcript from a previous school.

All inactive high school students must have drop grades and credits submitted electronically. If the student was not in our program long enough to earn grades and credits we must be notified so we are able to determine why no grades or credits were earned during a specific time period. Course titles are available for this type of transmission. By sending us a complete and accurate record of students' progress, we are able to process our Transcripts in a timely manner.

Transcript Form The transcript form is for ordering transcripts from the school.

Prior School Transcripts Any information we input on our Charter School Transcript from a prior school must be from an Official Transcript. An Official Transcript cannot be altered in any way and must be signed and/or sealed. We cannot take information that you submit on a Transcript Form that does not match what is on the Official Transcript.

If the prior school transcript is in the main office, then send in the transcript form to request a copy. The staff will either pull it from the file or mail the ES a copy of the transcript. The ES can send it back to the office with any necessary paperwork (transcript request form) attached. If they do not have a transcript/cume file, you can call the high school and ask them to fax the transcript to the main office. That is the quickest way. Some take a couple of months to send cume folders.

The school transcript can reflect the courses/grades/credits for each semester issued by a parent who was previously home schooling via affidavit. It will reflect 'Parent Grades' in the source column of the transcript. The student records office needs a legible document of each year signed by the parent. This is the same process used when the student has info from another school's transcript.