REVISED: 07/2013

ES Expense Stipend and ES Reimbursements

ES Expense Stipend. An automatic monthly ES expense stipend is paid to an ES each month that an ES is paid for serving 10 or more active students. The stipend is included in your regular ES paycheck in addition to your base ES pay and will be paid for up to 10 months for an ES who carries active students for an entire school year. This stipend is intended to cover regular ES mileage, and a supply fund {which includes copies (not for students) and postage}.

Monthly Mileage Expense. The monthly mileage stipend is intended to cover the travel costs incurred by the ES in performing their regular ES job. The school office, learning centers, and regularly scheduled meeting sites are considered your normal place of business and, therefore, traveling from home to these work places is like any employee traveling to/from their workplace. The monthly mileage stipend is calculated using the formula below based on the number of active students you are being paid to serve in that month. Each AESS student counts as one additional student since you are required to visit them at least one additional time each month. The stipend is paid on 25 miles per month per assigned student:

___ (# of active students) + ___ (# of AESS students) X 25 (miles/month/assigned student) X current mileage rate. NOTE: The rate per mile is determined by the current allowable IRS rate. This amount changes when IRS changes the allowable rate. (IRS business rate. Click to confirm.)

NOTE: The rate per mile is determined by the current allowable IRS rate. This amount changes when IRS changes the allowable rate.

Please note that because the ES receives a mileage stipend and the parent does not, the first option for learning record meetings is to go to the parent's home. Meeting at a public place is used only when it is by mutual agreement between the ES and the parent, when the home is not a safe place to meet or when the ES has agreed to take the family because they were not in their zip code area but meet them at a mutually agreed upon location.

Technolocy Expense.  A monthly stipend of $80 is paid to all ESes with 10 or more active students. This is to help cover your internet and cell phone expenses. We expect you to have a number with voice mail so that your students, your Advisor, and the offices can reach you on any school workday.

Please enter your cell number in the ES Detail screen in FRED under "cell phone". The ES Detail Screen also asks for a work number. Your work number must be the phone number that you can be reached at during the day when you are not at your home number (whether that be another place of work or your cell phone). The work number and the cell number may or may not be the same, but the work number must be different than the home number. We expect that your cell phone plan's “free minutes” will belong to your work calls, therefore we will not reimburse for any additional calls you may make. Remember to use the provided 800 numbers to access the IEM office, tech support, parent support, and your ES Advisor. (See current web phone list for numbers)

Supply Fund. A supply fund stipend of $2 per student per month is provided in the ES expense stipend for those ESs serving 10 or more students. The supply fund is for ES use for “petty cash” type expenses that come up throughout the school year (portfolio envelopes or labels, for example), or can be saved up towards the purchase of a work tool that you need to do your job. "Office type" copy expenses and postage are also covered by this amount. Some ESs have chosen to use their supply funds to purchase a small copier for their home office. This is allowed, and in that case, this stipend is also expected to go towards maintaining the copier.

Copy Expenses for Students. Copy expenses for students are NOT covered by this stipend. If an ES needs to make copies for education materials for students, the ES must create a PO to an approved copy vendor. Or, if the ES has a home copier, be sure to use a student PO to order the paper expenses. Creating the PO debits the IF account, which is where all student educational expenses should come from for proper accounting.

ES Expense Stipend Calculation. Below is a summary of the monthly ES Expense Stipend based on the number of active students the ES is being paid for that month (for ESs serving 10 or more active students):

1.Calculated based on number of active students:

___ (# of active students) + ___ (# of AESS students) X 25 (miles/month/assigned student) X 48.5 cents / mile (IRS business rate. Click to confirm.)

Supply Funding:
___ (# of active students) X $2

ES Expense Reimbursement. The Expense Reimbursement form and procedure is to only be used for those expenses that are not included in the monthly ES expense stipend or already listed on your payroll sheet as "extra duties." (The Expense Reimbursement form is NOT to be used for any expense incurred for students that will be charged against your Instructional Funds account. The school does not reimburse parents or ESs for educational items for student use. These must be ordered on a school PO.) All items submitted on an Expense Reimbursement form do require that an ES receive approval from the ES Support Division in advance of incurring the expense. Such a request for prior approval must be submitted to and approved by the ES Support Division on a reimbursement approval form (RAF). Once approval is given, the cost can then be incurred and all appropriate receipts and other pertinent documentation must be attached to the Receipt Submission form and submitted along with a completed Expense Reimbursement form. (See forms for specific instructions and mailing addresses/fax numbers.)

ES Mileage Reimbursement Form. Remember to use the Mileage form only for travel to approved conferences (if funds are available and mileage is pre-approved) or other assigned school duties (with mileage approved) outside of the regular ES job. In order to be paid, a RAF signed by your supervisor must be included along with the Mileage form and the Expense Reimbursement form. Remember to submit your reimbursement requests in a timely manner.