This list is complied based upon the many recommendations of teachers and home school families within the charter school movement.It may offer parents of a special education or underachieving students additional ideas when planning their childís educational program.This list is provided only as a resource and intended to help the educational specialist facilitate a discussion regarding supplemental support/materials for general education core curriculum selections.It is not intended as a formal recommendation of your schoolís Special Education Department. Discussion of an identified special education studentís unique educational needs is a function of the IEP Team.††


Information On Learning Disabilities (SLD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

What are Learning Disabilities?Plus additional links for up-to-date information on Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD), Nonverbal learning disabilities, social skills, self esteem, family relations, and processing deficits


Enhance your understanding of specific learning disabilities. Develop strategies to increase success for students who learn differently. Describe brain functioning and processing skills. Enable parents to help their students more effectively.


Auditory Memory

Helps improve your child's short-term auditory memory. For example: remembering several sounds in the correct order to sound out new words such as, f-r-o-g put together says frog. Lots of ideas and strategies to improve auditory processing


Visual and Auditory Processing Disorders

Information on learning disabilities, auditory and visual processing disorders, dyslexia, and ADHD


Speech and Language

Information is provided on this site about childrenís language acquisition.The site discusses early warning signs, and identification for possible speech therapy


Sensory Integration

Site has information on sensory integration, including resources and information for parents.Frequently asked questions, and links to additional websites are available.



Information is provided which assists families in understanding what autism is, and resources offered for families with autistic children.



Curriculum Materials, Books, and Resources for treating developmentally delayed and autistic students functioning below the 6 year level.

AVCS Books

6291 Vegas Drive

San Jose, Ca. 95120



Physical Impairments

Discussion of criteria and educational resources for parents


Deaf/Blindor any student neededing Books on Tape who has an active IEP

Any child with an active IEP is eligible to check audio materials out of their lending library


Recordings for the Blind / Dyslexic 1-800-221-4792


Outreach services California School for the Blind

Free vision screenings and optometrist services, eyeglasses remain parentís responsibility


Organizing for Home School Instruction and Unit Study

The Home School Internet Website Center provides an exciting, safe educational environment for the home schooling family. Free services include: software, a used curriculum exchange, e-pals, a home school news magazine, curriculum reviews and an inexhaustible list of subject reference links - all updated daily to keep you informed!


Home School Starter Kits including Books, videos, Audio Tapes, and Curriculum Planning Resource Guide

AVCS Books

6291 Vegas Drive

San Jose, Ca. 95120



A to Zís Homes Cool Home schooling provides hundreds of units of study in al subjects



Fundamentals of effective teaching are outlined for parents who choose to home school..Includes characteristics of kids at various ages (what to expect), learning styles, organization, daily schedules, lessons plans, etc.($10)


Riverdeep offers a free 60 day trial membership to their internet-based interactive learning materials and activities


Ah! Math provides some great materials for struggling students in elementary and middle grades.This is a 12 month subscription for on-line home school students with language-based learning disabilities.Another good subscription program is a Time for Learning (on our approved vendor list)


Everything for Education K-12 website gives free information and units


Buckle Down is a test prep which is aligned to California content strandards, and has new differentiated instruction in Reading and Math for grades 3-9.It is entitled Break Away Buckle Down(Also on approved vendor list)


School Express provides thousands of free worksheets or


Ganderís Academyísis a series of theme related resources that will help parents plan thematic units of instruction for their home schooled student..


Home School Fun Units of Study can be reviewed at


Free K-6 Lesson Plans for a variety of subjects


Free K-6 Lesson Plans for a variety of subjects


Free 7-12 Lesson Plans for a variety of subjects


Phonics Program that provides supplemental interactive software program where parent and student work together coupled with games and other visual helps.

 The Home site for the Program is:


 To view a video of the product:


Open Court:SRA/McGraw Hill is an outstanding anthology or basal reading program and directly teaches sound blending and provides decodable books that are truly decodable. The pacing would require parents to pre-teach concepts to insure success. Research Based interventions included



Scholastic:An affordable supplement for reading and provides detailed lesson plans that systematically go through skills.Available on CD format too.This is supplemental and not intended to be a complete reading program.



Houghton-Mifflin (Harcourt):A strong basal reading series that has good supplemental materials for research based interventions.Provides strong support for instructors with detailed lesson plans and extension materials. One the State approved adoptions for reading/language arts


Phonics for Reading: A good, inexpensive supplemental program to support decoding and goes from pre-primer to third grade level. Scripted lessons provide parents with all they need to build these critical skills. Developed by San Diego State Professor, Anita Archer (again not intended to be a standalone reading program).

800-225-0248†† or Calif. Rep is 408-293-2221


SRA/Reading Mastery: This is a direct instruction program which is research based and effective at-risk readers.The lessons are scripted, and come with student work books and decodable books

SRA/McGraw Hill Kaleidoscope: A complete reading series which stresses phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary development as comprehension.Comes in multiple levels


School Speciality (formally EPS) is another company we have heard about that serves struggling student.They claim their materials meet intervention and remediation needs, so would be adaptable for students who are struggling with grade-level materials.


Pacemaker (Globe Fearon) provides grade level materials written for lower reading levels.


Weiser Educational Catalog provides age appropriate instructional materials for struggling learners in grades 4 through adult in language arts, life skills, math, language arts, social studies, health, science, and careers by already connecting parents with a wide range of publishers (AGS, Globe-Fearon, Pacemaker, Remedia, and more) 


Learning Styles Inventories: A free on-line program designed to determine a student's learning style and then be linked with specific activities to support their learning preferences. 


Field Trips

Ideas are available at


California Standards

Be aware of the kinds of skills your child should know at every grade (K-12)


California Department of Educationís S.C.O.R.E.ísCyber Guide website provides many units of study and lesson plans based on recommended literature selections for particular grade levels.


Lakeshore has matched their materials to grade level standards, and provides free catalogs of their supplemental materials for each grade level.


Any California State adopted textbook can be made into an audio-tape for free.Just mail blank cassette tapes along with a copy of your childís IEP.Call or e-mails first for details

California Department of Education Clearinghouse

560 J Street Ė Room 390

Sacramento, California 95814

916-445-5103 (ask to speak with Ray Bradley)


Books on Tape: National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Library of Congress

Washington, DC 20542


Reading Comprehension/Language Arts

Now you can see all the components of K-12 reading comprehension, along with definitions, explanations, and activity ideas.($12)


Monthly Units of Instruction, information about reading acquisition, and teaching kids to read.Also contains a list of recommended reading books for students


Leveled Readers for Primary Students (grade K-4)

Download books that are at your childí appropriate level, and match California State Standards ($30 for 6 months / $50 for one year)



Writing Road to Reading makes the link between reading and writing. Several skill specific curriculum materials



Pathway Publishers, Inc.

K-8 Curriculum designed to support home school families in Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Social Studies. Students take an on-line diagnostic test to determine the level they should start at.


Reading Rods provides a series of mini-lessons using sound cubes and manipulatives to help students visualize the phonemes they hear.


Succeed To Read gives parents with excellent resources, free ideas, and other sites to gain expertise in accelerating a childís reading level


Reading Rockets provides a free monthly newsletter for parents and teachers with suggested activities, thematic units of instruction, and reading tips.Also provides a link to special education supports for parents.


Globe Fearonís materials are designed for the middle and high school students who need extra help with reading, writing, grammar and spelling. They are Californiaís premier Language Arts intervention publisher for middle and high school students.


360 Literature Summaries, Online textbooks, and SAT Prep: This site contains downloadable materials for highschoolers†††


Steck-Vaughn offers easy-to-use, innovative learning solutions that accelerate content-area knowledge, reading skills, and preparation for standards-based tests, allowing learners to meet and exceed expectations. These targeted resources assess, remediate, strengthen, and enhance skills and reading development for all students, including struggling learners of all ages and abilities. (K-12)



Math Support

Consumer Math for Middle and High School Level Students

Make Math practical with applications to daily living skills, Called Writing For the Real World.


Keys to Algebra published by American Guidance Services (AGS) Also have a Keys To Series for Division, and other skill specific concepts.


Basic High School Level Math for students with a 2nd-3rd grade reading level

AVCS Books

6291 Vegas Drive

San Jose, Ca. 95120



Basic Math and Pre-Algebra for high school aged student (with a 4th grade reading level )

AVCS Books

6291 Vegas Drive

San Jose, Ca. 95120



Math in a Nutshell gives skills based instruction in specific skills areas for all ages.

Delta Education


Touch Math takes students from basic addition and subtraction to regrouping utilizing a system of tactile devices and manipulative dots.Has had proven success with student who are at a concrete learning stage, and unable to conceptualize higher order math concepts.


Basic Math and Reading Manipulatives; Visual Perception Screening and Therapy Ideas

Insta-Learn by STEP Inc.
PO Box 887 Mukilteo, WA 98275-0887
(800) 225-7837


Algebra via Video Ė 6 modules with 170 video lessons (each 5-10 minutes in length). Video Text Interactive 1-800 897-6181

P.O. Box 19761

Indianapolis, Indiana46219


Saxton Math covers the state standards at each grade level, and good for drill (downfall is the number of problems on a page) but couple with Borenson (set of 26 interactive videos) if you want a "hands-on Algebra" approach††† 800-284-7019††† 800-993-6284


Writing Skills

A good site for current articles and writing assignments:



A complete writing curriculum including loads of graphic organizers and story starters

ZB Strategies for Writers



Comprehensive Composition

One Volume covers grades K-12.Teaching tips include easy-to-use strategy encouraging better writing and editing ($14.00)



Through this on-line writing course, students get their own private writing teacher who communicates with you and your child exclusively via e-mail.Each studentís curriculum varies according to the diagnostic needs of the student. Offers one to ten month courses beginning at $55 for one month, to $470 for a ten month course


Writing Strands is a program designed to teach 2nd through 12th grade students how to use their language effectively in creative and expository modes. The upper levels of the series have creative, basic, research and report, argumentative, and explanatory training. The lower levels teach the skills needed by the students to be able to take advantage of the upper levels' exercises.


The Write Hand is an individualized writing program in the comfort of your home


Easy Grammar: A reliable program for middle grade students who need extra reinforcement, but can be a little boring so needs to be use in conjunction with something elseEasy


Scott Foresman has some excellent spelling materials (AIMES) for everyday reinforcement plus curriculum in math, science, social studies, and reading



Harcourt School Publishers: Can buy portions of a kit to meet your needs, and is very rich and complete in supporting Language Arts, math, and social studies.Also have components for health and science



The Sounds Abound Multisensory Phonological Awareness +CD program is a program that can be previewed online at .It costs $39.95 and is very helpful in giving suggestions for auditory and motor cueing and kinesthetic feedback along with developing basic phonological skills.


Earobics: Is another CD program which helps children develop listening skills, phonological awareness, and auditory processing and can be viewed online at ordering numbers are needed depending on the computer used in the home.


Science and History/Social Studies

Neuroscience for Kids has been created for all students and teachers
who would like to learn about the nervous system.


Life Packs/Dawn Publications provides science activities with a teacher's guide and activity packet for elementary aged students.





Science Units designed to support students (with a 2nd grade reading level) Units include: Life Science with Labs; Green Plants, Animals, Five Senses, Human Systems, Earth Science, Weather, Changing Earth, Sound, Electricity, Energy). Also offers a complete Physical, Earth Science, Chemistry and Environmental Science set for high school students.

AVCS Books

6291 Vegas Drive

San Jose, Ca. 95120



Lawrence Hall specializes in science and math and helps you "spice up" you science or math instructuion for elementary through junior high aged students



United States History via DVDís (cost $19.00 per month Ė unlimited number mailed to you home)


Dawn Publications offers good support for social studies, science, and world history



Drivers Training

Take course work on line. (Need at least an 8th grade reading level to successfully access materials)


Career Planning


Please help us expand this list by providing your suggestions as well.

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