Study Island Workshop


Study Island is an online instructional and diagnostic tool that enables teachers to help students master the state standards and prepare for their state tests.


Working Through the Program

The program is divided into sections based on subject (math, reading, etc.). Each subject is made up of approximately 15-30 topics. Each topic corresponds to a standard (or multiple related standards) from your state curriculum. Topics consist of a lesson and a bank of practice questions with explanations. It is helpful to view the lesson before answering the questions in the topic. Please note:  The program is not designed to teach the material, but rather to reinforce what has already been taught.


Goal of the Program:

The goal of the program is to “pass” every topic. If a student passes every topic, he or she has demonstrated proficiency in all areas tested and is well prepared for the state test.


For Students: Follow the instructions below to complete the program:

  1. Login at
  2. Click on the subject tab (math, reading, etc.).
  3. PreTest: Click "Pretest" to begin the pretest for the subject. Ignore this step if the subject you selected does not have a Pretest. The student must complete at least ten questions in the Pretest in order to go on to the topics that follow.
  4. Topics: Once the Pretest is completed, the student may work through the remainder of the topics in any order. You can also select more than one topic at a time. To do this, you can check the boxes next to the topics you wish to study, and then click on the “Start Studying” button located toward the top right of the screen. You must attempt all topics before taking the "Post Test”.
  5. Passing Topics: To pass a topic, you must satisfy the topic's passing requirements which vary, but are based on a minimum number of questions answered (usually 10) and a minimum percentage correct (around 70%). You can find the passing parameters for a topic by clicking on the grade on the left side of the screen, then choosing the subject. Once the page loads, you will see a list of the topics available for that subject. Under the column titled Passing Goal are the minimum requirements for getting a blue ribbon in that topic. The first number is the minimum number of questions that must be answered, and the second number is the minimum percentage that must be achieved.
  6. Blue Ribbons: A Blue Ribbon icon is displayed next to all passed topics. Your Study Island Administrator can alter the passing requirements for a student or group of students or allow teachers to use this function on the School Stats page by enabling it from the admin page.
  7. Post Test: Once you have attempted all of the topics in the subject, you have to pass the Post Test before the subject is complete. In order to unlock the Post Test, you must have completed every topic AND earned a Blue Ribbon in all but three topics. Teachers may also assign the Post Test at any time from the Class Manager page. Ignore this step if the section has no Post Test.
  8. When you have passed all topics in all sections (math, reading, etc.), you have completed the program and will be well prepared to take the state test.

Study Modes


Once the topic(s) to study has been selected, the mode of study needs to be determined. The choice of study mode does not affect the academic content seen, just the mode in which it is presented. Please note: Playing the games WILL affect the students’ scores just as if they were taking a regular test session. You have the following options: Test Mode, Game Mode, and Printable Worksheet.


¨      Test Mode   

      A test mode session is in standard multiple choice or short answer format. During the session, use the mouse to click the letter corresponding to the correct answer. If answered incorrectly, you must keep answering until you get the question correct. After clicking the correct answer, click “Explanation” to view an explanation for this     question, or click "Next Question" to move to the next question.  When the session is complete, you will be shown the Session Results. You can press "End Study Session" at the bottom of the session window at any time to end the session and be shown the Session Results. All session results will be accounted for in your statistics. Do not click the “X” in the upper right corner of the screen or the back button as data may be lost.


¨      Game Mode

                        There are a number of different games that your students can play within the Study Island program. These games draw questions from the same question bank as the test mode. Updated versions of Java and Flash are required to play the games. These are available online as free downloads. The difficulty level selected for game mode does not pertain to the difficulty level of the questions, but rather to the level at which it is played. Also, the student’s percentage correct for the session is not affected by their skill level of the game. Brief explanations of the current games are linked in the ES Manual. Note: If you need detailed instructions on how to play a specific game, you can click on the “Instructions” link in the top left corner of the screen while in the game mode. The Cannon Game, Bowling Game, and Skate Park Game instructions are located within the game window.


¨      Printable Worksheet

                        You can use printouts to study when you are away from a computer. If you would like to edit the order of the questions or add page breaks to customize your worksheets, click on the link at the top of the worksheet window titled “Open in Microsoft Word (add page breaks and/or edit questions).” You must have Microsoft Word installed on your computer to use this feature.

                        Note: Only the printouts made by teachers and the administrator will have the answers included at the bottom.

                        Do NOT give your teacher user name and password to your students!




Class Manager


Note: The “Class Page and creation of classes is an optional feature and IS NOT required to in order to use the Study Island program. However, it is a very useful tool!

Creating Classes

Please contact Admin to get a teacher’s account and put your students into your “classroom.” Study Island enables teachers to group their students into specific classes. OR, you can try it yourself:


How do you group students into classes?

o Click on “Class Manager” on the upper left side of the screen.

o Type the name of the class in the “Class Title” box, and click “Next.”

o “Preferences” allows a teacher to override some of the school preferences, if this option has       been enabled by the Study Island Administrator.

o Click on the dropdown box next to “Add Users In Grade Level:” and select the grade level of the students you wish to add to the class. Although you can only add students from one grade       level at time, you can repeat this step to add students from other grade levels to the same    class.

o Check off the students you wish to add to the class.

o Scroll to the top or bottom of the screen and click “Save and Exit”.

How to I add new students to my “Class?”  

o  Additional students may be added to or removed from an existing class.

o  From the main Class Manager screen, find the title of the class to which you wish to make changes. Then, click on “Edit Class” on the far right on the same line the class is in.  In the new window, towards the bottom left is a dropdown titled, “Add Users In Grade Level ___. Click on the down arrow to open the dropdown, select the grade your new student is in (that will open a list of student in that grade).  “Check” your student and select “Save & Exit.


Why would you want to do this?

o It makes viewing student progress easier

o It allows teachers to see class averages

o It allows teachers to send messages to all students in their class

o It allows teachers to make a class page and class assignments

School Stats Page

The “School Stats” page can be used by the teachers to view the progress of their students as the students work through the program. Parents do not have access to the “School Stats” page. Class reports listing results for each student, as well as more general class summary reports can be viewed on this page. Also, a variety of graphs can be generated that show student activity. Below you will find explanations of the different functions and reports found on the “School Stats” page. To access this page, you will need to login with your username and password. When you login as a teacher, the first screen you will see is the “School Stats” page.


E-mailed Report Manager (First blue button)

To set up an Automatic Email, go to the School Stats page and pull the report you want to see each week. For a class report, choose Class Summary or Class Gradebook. Once the report generates, click on the blue link at the top titled 'Automatically Email Report'. A new window will pop up and you can type in your email address and select when/how often you'd like that report sent.


Printable User List  (Middle Blue Button)

The Printable User List feature gives you a printer friendly version of the login information for all users in your school. You can view the entire school roster or view the roster by class by clicking on the dropdown box in the upper right corner. This is an easy way to look up students’ passwords if they forget.


ü  Class Gradebook Report

This report lists scores for each student in the class or grade level selected.

The Class Gradebook Report has seven formats from which to choose, depending on the information you wish to find:

o By program broken down by subject – lists each student’s score by the subjects included in the program selected. Be sure to select your class (last choice in the drop-down). This   report shows the items and scores for all of the subjects for that grade level.

o By subject broken down by topic – lists scores for each student in the class or grade level by  each topic included in the subject selected (ELA, Math, Science or Social Studies).

o By subject broken down by reporting category – lists student scores broken down by the state assessment standards (strands).

o By topic – lists scores for each student by a specified topic in that grade level.

o By subject – lists the average score attained by each student for the entire subject in that grade level. Includes Sessions, Time Spent, Correct/Total, % Correct and Grade.

o   By program – lists the average score attained by each student for all subjects combined included in the specified program (grade level). Includes Sessions, Time Spent,   Correct/Total,  % Correct and Grade.

o All activity – lists the average score attained by each student for all content areas available (all grade level programs and topics in those programs). Includes Sessions, Time Spent, Correct/Total,  % Correct and Grade.  A helpful report to Auto e-mail to yourself (see below).


ü Individual Student Report

This report allows you to view a report for one specific student. You are able to choose to see the results for one or all subjects in which they are working.

Additional Features and Information


« Study Island Link from ES Manual:

Includes Enrollment information, Parent Letter, Study Island Reference Manual, and Topic and Standards Charts.


« Remedial Topics (Building Block Topics) 

If a student is having difficulty passing in a topic, a hazard symbol ( ) will appear next to the topic, and often an additional topic will show up below (see below).



The topic that comes up is a remedial topic, also referred to as a Building Block Topic ( ). It has a lower difficulty level than the topic in which the student was having trouble. The student can no longer attempt the original topic until he or she has passed Building Block Topic. Passing the Building Block Topic is represented by a white ribbon (  ). Once the building block topic is passed, the student will need to go back and pass (get a blue ribbon ) the on-grade-level

topic as well.


« How To View Missed Problems in Study Island (for example, missed Pretest questions)


    ü From the Teacher’s log-in:

  • Go to the School Stats page
  • For Report Type: select Class Gradebook Report
  • For Gradebook Format: Select By Topic
  • For Select a Class: Choose your class (your name at the bottom)
  • For Select a Program: Choose the grade level
  • For Select a Subject: Choose those from the drop-down
  • For Select a Topic: Choose the topic you are interested in (Pretest)
  • Click “View Report”
  • You will now have a list of your student's with their score for the Pretest. To see what each student missed you must click onto one of their scores (% Correct). A new window will pop up and you will see 'view missed' on the far right.  Click here to see what questions were missed

    ü From the Student’s log-in:

  • The student logs in and chooses the subject from the tab on the top. 
  • This shows the sections they have completed and the number/percentage they missed. 
  • The student clicks on the score in each section, and it opens another box that shows the session dates they worked in that section. 
  • Go to the far right and click on "View Missed." It shows them the exact problems they missed and the correct (and wrong) answers.


« To View or E-Mail the Individual Subject Report (the page as the student sees it):

  • Go to the School Stats page and select an Individual Student Report:
    1. Select a Class (yours)
    2. Select a Student
    3. Select a Program (grade level)
    4. Select a Subject
  • To see the list of sessions: Click on Time Spent. View or Delete specific sessions, if desired (see below) or View Missed (far right)
  • To see how much time was spent working in Study Island since the last Learning Record:

1.      Complete steps 1 – 4 above for an Individual Student Report

2.      Filter By Date – click the box and enter the dates desire

3.      Click on View Report 

  • To e-mail the report: Complete steps 1 – 3 above, after clicking “View Report” a  window will open. Select Automatically E-Mail Report and fill in the information.
  • To see which standard was worked on:

1.   Under Topic (Numbered items on left), click on Standard. A pop-up will appear with the grade level standard.

2.   Correlations to the California State Standards of all grade levels topics


« To Delete Statistics: (for instance, from previous years or specific sessions)

  • Go to the School Stats page and select an Individual Student Report:
    1. Choose the Class
    2. Student
    3. Program
    4. Subject
  • Click View Report. 
  • Delete certain sessions only by clicking on the number of sessions that corresponds with the topic in question (under the Sessions column). A new window will pop up. Check the box next to the session you wish to delete and click on the link above titled 'Remove Checked Sessions'. 
  • Delete entire topics by checking off the box to the left of the topic title and then clicking Remove Checked Records.


« For Use With Scantron SLO’s:

  1. Generate the SLO’s from Scantron.
  2. Select the area that the student needs the most help in and note the grade level and standard.
  3. Have the student log in to his student account.
  4. Select the desired grade level on the left.
  5. Select the subject (from the tabs at the top or click on the subject)
  6. Using the Study Island Topics and Standards pages from the ES Manual, select the topic that correlates with the SLO.
  7. More than one topic can be selected at a time.