Fifth and Sixth Grade Free Educational Website Links


General Subjects Websites - Provides several student-friendly recipes that are accompanied by videos of students cooking the actual recipes and explaining the process, step by step. - PBS Teacher Source offers lesson plans in all subjects at every grade level, some lessons incorporate internet, technology and TV. - Wikipedia offers free encyclopedia with close to 1.5 million articles. - This website provides quizzes, tests, exercises, and puzzles to help students learn English as a second language. - This “Grade Level Skills Help Page” features several lesson plans, activities and skill builders for language arts, math, science and social studies, that are organized by grade level and subject. - Thousands of downloadable worksheets are offered on this website, including unit themes, math, handwriting, phonics, and language arts activities. - This website contains a wide variety of unit studies and lesson ideas for every subject. - Free K-6 lesson plans are available in a wide variety of subjects on this website. - The Internet TESL Journal is designed for Teachers of English as a Second Language, containing lessons, links, learning activity ideas, articles, etc. - This website contains language and education links to providers of ESL / EFL and foreign language resources.

Math Websites - This website offers free printable math worksheets that are organized by grade level, activity type, and theme. - Number and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis and probability are the math concepts that are available on this website for grades K through 12. After selecting a topic, the students are able to use manipulatives and create charts on-line to help solve mathematic equations or represent functions. Saxon provides several online activities for students of all grade levels, including math enrichment activities and brain stumpers! - This creative website provides numerous activities and coloring pages in a wide variety of themes, many in language arts and math. - This math website specializes in practical money skills with lessons appropriate for every grade level. –This mathematics library website provides homework help websites in each subject including math. - This interactive website provides online practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and money. – This elementary school math website features interactive learning activities for a wide range of categories: number recognition, counting, shapes, telling time, money, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, and fractions. - This mathematics website is a VERY comprehensive site put up by Cynthia Lanius of Rice University. There are math lessons from Pre-K through 11th Grade. Everybody should be able to find something here that they can use. - AAA Math features a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons. Unlimited practice is available on each topic which allows thorough mastery of the concepts. A wide range of lessons (Kindergarten through Eighth grade level) enables learning or review to occur at each individual's current level. - This website allows you to create an endless supply of printable worksheets that can be customized to meet your students’ needs. Worksheets can be created in the areas of additions, subtraction, multiplication, division, mixed problems, fractions, measurement, graphing, telling time, and the one hundred chart. - This math website provides a detailed descriptions of a large variety of mathematical practices, including shapes, counting, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, dates, times, fractions, decimals, percents, rounding. The details include diagrams, standards, and explanations of the importance of the exercises. - This website includes instruction, practice, online quizzes and math games to help the students better grasp fractions, decimals, percent, and integers.

Social Studies Websites - Free weekly newsletter and "old time radio" adaptations of great books and historic stories, chosen especially for homeschooling families, each and every week -- and it's absolutely free. - Numerous detailed maps of each of the 50 states, various countries, and the continents. - Social science resources, lessons and interactive sites for general history, United States history, and World History. - This website has detailed information regarding the Federal Government,State Governments, and Local Governments; this website would be very beneficial for students to use for research projects. - This website features an interactive game in which students have a limited amount of time to correctly identify all 50 states on the map. Geography 4 Kids presents illustrated descriptions of the earth structure, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the biosphere, the BGC cycles, and climate. - This website offers a large list of questions and answers regarding the Constitution and other important historical events. There is also a list of the ratification dates of every state in our nation.

Physical Education Websites - This fun, animated Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey website encourages students to be come “Circus Fit” by providing healthy lifestyle tips, daily exercise activities, and helpful information for parents.

Language Arts Websites - Grammar Slammer provides instruction and examples for practically every aspect of grammar. - This website allows the viewer to have access to the full works of several famous and classic authors, including entire novels. - Over 440 free grammar lessons, covering parts of speech, to prepositional phrases to, noun clauses and verb participles. - This website includes 35 lessons of grade appropriate spelling words that are provided by Scott Foresman of Pearson Education. - This website features several worksheets that can be printed to provide practice for your students and improve their handwriting skills- both manuscript and cursive. - Book Adventure helps students select books that are appropriate for their grade and reading level. Book Adventure also provides quizzes for numerous books that a student can take upon finishing the book. This website has numerous companies that sponsor it and donate prizes to students who are logging their reading onto the website - This interactive website features books in English, French, and Spanish, and fun quizzes and games. - This website features several themed units and lesson plans based on selected literature. All materials have been divided into the appropriate grade levels.

Science Websites - This website features multimedia resources for Earth and Space Science, Engineering, Life Science, and Physical Science. Several lesson plans and short videos are available for each of the above topics. - This student-friendly website provides detailed information on all different types of animals, sharing several interesting facts and evidence as to how the animals are categorized. - Cosmos 4 Kids provides educational information on the universe, galaxies, stars, systems, solar system, and space exploration. - Biology 4 Kids provides detailed, interesting information on cells, microorganisms, plants, invertebrates, vertebrates, and animal systems - This website allows you to have access to several interesting hands-on activities, online activities, online exhibitions, and web casts, available for all areas of science. - Chem 4 Kids presents overviews, explanations and visuals on matter, atoms, elements, reactions, and biochemistry.

The Arts Websites - ARTSEDGE features numerous lesson plans for every grade level, articles about art programs, and meet the artist commentaries. This website includes lesson plans for theater, dance, music and visual arts. Standards are included for each of these arts as well as instruction on how the standards can be met. - This New York Philharmonic Activity Book introduces students to the several instrument families of an orchestra, teaches them the basics about reading music, provides instruction on how to play the recorder, and offers several fun activities for the students to complete. - The Educator’s Reference Desk includes lesson plans for art history, music, visual arts, computer in art and process skills.